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Lindsay Velez owner + trainer
of Eastside Hounds

"Upward Dog Provisions is a time machine for me and my dogs!

I have watched my 13 year old Blue Heeler go from painful uncomfortable walks to literally skipping and striding along on our hikes.

My rescue pup with itchy skin allergies has stopped eating his feet; my older chihuahua had a chronic cough that has disappeared as well.

They run and jump and play with healthy coats and calm energy. They are satisfied by all the nutrients in this food and look forward to eating it every time!

I believe in this company so much that I have told all of my clients about the benefits and many have switched over." 


Joey + Trixie

"I adopted Trixie from a friend when she was 5 years old. I was told she had a 'weak stomach' and to be careful what I fed her. I picked a pretty pricey premium kibble from the pet store. Trixie wasn't into it, and I figured she must not be that into food on account of her stomach problems.  

My neighbor gave me a sample of Good Feed and said it helped with her dog. She explained that dogs are carnivorous, and that their digestive system works best when proteins and carbohydrates are eaten separately.

From the first feed, I noticed that it agreed with her stomach. And her poops were great!  In a few days I noticed an increase in energy. Now Trixie gets me up every morning, sits by her bowl and demands her Good Feed!

I like how fresh GOOD FEED looks and smells. It feels great to be able to feed my dog something I would eat myself. I'll never force her to eat kibble again."


Jessica + Sparkles

"When I first rescued Sparkles she had that drippy/teary eye thing that I see on many dogs and lots of eye gunk.

I'm not a big fan of antibiotics and wanted to find a holistic approach. My dog walker told me about Good Feed and that it helped a lot of her clients.  

I guess I could spend a little extra on quality food, or I can spend lots more on vet visits and who knows what else down the line. Sparkles is worth the investment, and I like supporting local companies.

After just a week of feeding her fresh GOOD FEED meals, her eye "condition" went away. It's been over a year and it's never come back! Also, I know it’s weird to say - but her poops are seriously the most perfect things I’ve ever seen since she has been eating this food! You have to see it to believe it."


Brian, Echo, + Bella

"My two Huskies Bella (7yo) and Echo (6yo) have been with me since they were pups. In that time we have tried almost every dog food available; dry kibble,canned food, raw, dehydrated, freeze dried, different brands, different stores, all over LA. 

The dogs would like a certain food one day and not even bother to sniff it the next. It was so frustrating, expensive and wasteful.

Since switching to Good Feed, Echo has already lost about 18 pounds and is back to his energetic Husky self. Even Bella is excited about meal time and devours every morsel.  

Good Feed has been such an amazing find for me and my dogs. It's great to know they are eating clean and healthy and that they LOVE it."

Thanks Upward Dog Provisions