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My Dog Is My Guru.

I created Upward Dog Provisions in honor of my dog Jackson. He was my first love, a special soul; we raised each other for 12 years. At a mature age, he was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disorder. Doctors predicted his quality of life would rapidly deteriorate and he would likely pass in 3 to 6 months. With no cures available, I was devastated.

I looked to nature for comfort...what I found was hope.

Food is Nature’s best medicine and the body, an incredible machine capable of building and repairing itself. Canine health begins with understanding the unique bio specific needs of dogs.

With the help of my Vet, and guidance from nature, I created GOOD FEED, a simple whole food diet that nourishes naturally without burdening the immune system.  

After a few weeks, Jackson’s chronic ear infections disappeared, he was strong and vital, and even dropped a few husky pounds.  Not only did his quality of life improve, ultimately we enjoyed TWO more happy years together.

Additionally, Jackson’s little sister Tiffany is now almost 15 years healthy, and thriving on GOOD FEED.

Upward Dog Provisions is a holistic dog goods company based in Venice Beach California. Our meals are prepared fresh, in small batches using clean locally sourced ingredients.

No preservatives, no sugar, no gluten, no GMO’s.

Smart. Clean. Simple.

Jill Villaluna, Founder of Upward Dog Provisions